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Lake Maintainance

Ultrasound to Control Algae

Eliminate up to 90% of algae with the use of specific ultrasonic sound waves

Reduce Chemical Usage

Reduce fouling, bacterial counts and chemical consumption


Cost-effective solution because of low operational costs

Environmentally Friendly

Control algae without harming the ecosystem, no release of toxins

How ultrasound works?

Ultrasonic Algae Control benefits
The ultrasonic algae control devices emit specific ultrasonic parameters in order to control algae and biofouling in lakes, reservoirs, and industrial applications.
> Eliminate up to 90% of existing algae and prevent new algae
> Chemical-free solution that is safe for fish and other aquatic life
> Treat large water surfaces, such as lakes and reservoirs
> Requires little maintenance to prevent frequent site visits

What is the Impact of Ultrasound on the algae?

We use scientifically proven ultrasonic frequencies to control many types of algae. A very common differentiation is between green algae and toxic cyanobacteria, which are also known as blue-green algae.

Create a sound barrier

Blue-green algae and some green algae are capable of travelling through the water vertically due to their possession of gas vesicles. The ultrasonic sound waves create an ultrasonic pressure in the top layer of the water.

Lack of light

This ultrasonic sound barrier prevents the algae from rising to the surface and absorbing light for photosynthesis. Therefore, algae are no longer capable of growing further.

Control algae growth

The algae will die while the cell wall remains intact, preventing the release of toxins from the algae into the water. The algae will sink to the bottom of the water reservoir and are degraded by the bacteria present.

Ultrasonic Treatment Process

Continues water quality monitoring combined with environmentally friendly ultrasonic sound waves provides a long-term solution for algae problems. After one year treatment, the algae level will reduce even more as increased clarity of the water will result in plant growth, increased oxygen and fish growth. This way, the ultrasound treatment contributes to a healthy ecosystem.

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