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Solar Technology

SOLAR energy is the cleanest, most available renewable energy source and Glomedic Industries Sdn Bhd offers property owners a premium quality system that is guaranteed for up to 25 years. Switching over to solar energy has never been easier. It is a decision that will let property owners feel proud and enhance the quality of life on earth. The reasons why more people have decided to go solar.

Going solar puts users in the advantage as the returns on investment is more than 10% per annum — that is more than the returns of putting money in a bank, which pays about 3.0 to 4.0 per annum. Property owners save more than 40% on electricity costs, based on the existing rate of TNB charges, and when this rate increases, they are not affected at all.

Going solar puts owners ahead of the curve, by powering their entire premises using energy from the sun. It is environment-friendly, as it is clean energy and is virtually pollution-free.

Glomedic has competent personnel with over six years of experience in installing solar power systems all over Malaysia.
The secret of success in this solar business today is to offer excellent after-sales services with a promise of a response time of not more than 48 hours.

While it may require careful thoughts and considerations to installcsolar system, the benefits property owners reap are enormous and undeniable.

Going solar today transforms lives for the better.

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