Glomedic Industries is the sole and exclusive representative for
i) OASE, GmbH of Germany, and
ii) GARDENA, GmbH of Germany.
iii) LG Sound, Netherlands

OASE is the world leader in the field of Fountain Technology, Lake Management and Pond filtration systems whilst, GARDENA is the market leader in Garden equipment and Irrigation systems. LG Sound is a Netherlands algae control technology – Algae control LG Sonic. LG Sound is the leading international manufacturer of innovative ultrasonic algae control systems without chemicals. The LG Sonic controls algae and reduces the formation of biofilm and some other micro-organisms in lakes, ponds, irrigation reservoirs, pools and all other situations where water is stored. Many of the traditional methods to fight algae are whether insufficient, cumbersome, environmentally unfriendly, or all of these.

Together we work closely with our clients to provide design and build and consultancy services for fountains and interactive water features. Whether exterior or interior, residential or commercial, OASE caters to a plethora of environments and landscapes. We understand the importance to blend the design harmoniously with the environment, and serve to enhance the grandeur of the surroundings. Creative and innovative movement of water has always been the philosophy of OASE and having more than 50 years experience, it can convert creative imagination into reality.

Apart from fountains, OASE is also the leader in water garden and pond technology in water filtration and pump technology, OASE offers a full range of innovative products for your garden pond of any size. All OASE pond filtration pump comes with a full 5-years guarantee that assures you of uninterrupted enjoyment and effects of crystal clear water.

Being the sole representative in Malaysia and Singapore, Glomedic is fully backed and supported by OASE and GARDENA on all equipment and performance guarantees.

Glomedic Industries has installed excellent water fountains at the newly opened Setia City Mall, the Royal Museum at Bandar Diraya Pekan, Pahang, University Tun Hussein Malaysia in Johore, Petronas Building Complex at Sg. Undang ,Melaka, D’Island luxury development at Puchong and many more. Other notable projects completed by Glomedic are Naga World, Musical Fountain in Cambodia and Water Theme parks at Gambang Water Resorts, Pahang, Resorts World Sentosa and Universal Studios in Singapore. Glomedic is also proud to have successfully installed the biggest and best musical fountain in South East Asia the Kuala Lumpur City Centre Lake Symphony Musical Fountain. This project was completed and officially opened on 29th May, 2012 in conjunction with the World Gas Conference hosted for the first time in South East Asia at KLCC.