Planning of Gardens

Terreaces and Plazaz.

Water Features

The play of moving water relaxes and calms. Ot not only improves the atmosphere of public and private spaces, it also serves as an important design element in the planning of gardens, terreaces and plazaz.

It starts with the pump: Thanks to our comprehensive product range we offer the ideal solution when it comes to moving water for every appilcation, whether for statuary or indoor water features, fountains, filters or watwrcourses. State-of- the-art technology paired with years of development experience enable us to flexibly meet a wdie variety of requipments and also implement brand new ideas.

  • Statuary and indoor fountain pumps decoractive highlights on balconies and patios.
  • From beautiful to dynamic – our fountain pums supply a wide variety of fountains and in the proccess enrich the body of water with vital oxygen.

With so many offerings all possibilities are open to your customers for implementing their totally personal water festivals!

Every garden owner looks forward to the quiet evening hours as they enjoy relaxing outside alone or with friends. The flexible, economical lighting sets OASE provide atmosphere.

Bring the dark hoours to life with a variety of possibilities from OASE. With well placed flood or spotlight, such as the OASE LunAqua series, trees and shrubbery can be highlithgted and the garden can be made luminous. For example, the LunAqua Terra LED light fixture can be discretely installed into the ground without posing a stumbling hazard. Thanks to its small size, the modern LED tecnology offers flexible design and setup possibilities on terraces, paths, in and on the pond and it offers these possibilities with high energy efficiency and safe 12 V technology.

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