• Filter & Watercourse Pumps

    Offer the right pump depending on fountain type, size and volume of the pond.

  • Pressure Filters

    Suited for smaller to medium-size ponds.

  • Flow-through filter

    Used for medium-sized to larger ponds or koi ponds.

  • Water Entertainment

    Range the appealing combination of light and water can used in many different ways. It is also ideal where available space is limited.

  • Fountain Pumps

    For high water columns – from small indoor fountains to fountains in palace garden.

  • Nozzles

    For richly varied water features.

  • Pond Aerators

    Supply the pond with additional oxygen and ensure a perfect climate in the pond.

  • UVC Clarifiers

    Make life in the and difficult for unsightly algae and bacteria

  • Pond & Pool Vacuums

    Effectively free the bottom of the pond from floor sediments such as fish waste, food remnants and silt.

  • Surface Skimmer

    Take up small debris particles on the pond surface and prevent them sinking to the bottom.

  • Maintenance Accessories

    Pond care product turn the garden pond into a living eco-system in no time

  • Halogen Spotlights

    Light brings life into every garden landscape.

  • LED Spotlights

    Innovative illumination with modern LED technology

  • Pond Construction & Decoration

    Build the dream water garden

  • Fountains & Lakes

    Creative design using water.

  • Jumping Jet

    Systems are the attraction in leisure parks and other events.

  • Illumination

    Water installations are too beautiful to only be seen during daylight.

  • Fountain Pump

    While all eyes are on moving water when it takes the stage.

  • Floating Fountains

    Water in its most beautiful form

  • Fountain Nozzles

    Water has a thousand faces. Sometimes it shoots up high, then splashes and bubbles exuberantly.

  • Water Control

    Easy-to-use watering controls for pre-set or automatic watering

  • Hose Connectors

    Make the best connections with GARDENA

  • Garden Hose

    Rely on GARDENA hoses to be ready for action time after time.

  • Garden Hose Reel

    Spend more time watering and less untangling.

  • Garden Sprayer

    Nozzles and sprayers for the water effect you need.

  • Sprinkler System

    Convenient pop-up lawn irrigation

  • Micro-drip Irrigation System

    Accurate, metered irrigation with reduced water consumption.

  • Lawnmower

    Lawn mowing that’s right for you and your lawn

  • Grass Shear

    When precise cutting of lawn edges is required

  • Aerators

    Effectively remove moss to let your lawn breathe again.

  • Hedge-Clipper

    For exact shaping or for large-scale cutting back

  • Secateurs

    Give delicate shrubs more attention

  • Gardening tools

    Cover the groundwork with GARDENA

  • Hand Saw

    Quality handsaws that do the job you want them to

  • Shrub Shears

    Comfortable and powerful – for exact shaping

  • Pressure Sprayer

    A big help for various jobs around the home and garden

  • LG Sonic Basic

    Basic ultrasonic algae control device

  • LG Sonic E-line

    The most powerful and advanced ultrasonic algae control device

  • MPC-Buoy

    Combines water monitoring, telemetring and ultrasound technology

Glomedic Industries has a range of water feature and garden products which are specially designed and built for our clients’ indoor or outdoor water fountain and garden pond. To name a few of our products are such as pond filter, water filtration system, sprinkler system, lawn mower, fountain pump, algae control, lake management system, etc.

We are the specialist in water garden, fountain and landscape. Our company has been providing our products to the residential as well as commercial clients. Our products have been specifically design and built to bring greater convenience and efficiency to our clients for manageable garden and water ponds. Each product is manufactured by utilizing quality materials for greater durability whether it is for indoor or outdoor usage. These products have been tested and gone through stringent quality control before they are marketed.

Our products may contribute for an effective handling of garden such as the water fountain and water pond. These water pond and water fountain will be easier to take care with constant use of effective water filter system or pond filter as the water in it will be cleaner. Besides, a good algae control from our company also helps to reduce algae or microorganisms growth within the pond.

For great water fountain features with beautiful water blasting, clients may choose to use our fountain pump which is highly durable and efficient.

Glomedic Industries has specific products which are catered to our clients’ special usage. These are such as the lawn mower which makes grass cutting a lot of easier and thus time saving. If one is looking for a specialist for a garden design, Glomedic Industries will be the answer. We are the expert in landscape designing that can design and built the garden of our clients’ choice.

Allow our company to handle and answer to all your water feature and garden needs. We shall assist you with our quality service and products offered.